Commission Works

Commission paintings inspired from your life.

Call Steve to discuss your ideas for that special painting you've had in mind.  There's nothing like the gift of a custom commissioned painting to say you care.  Steve can paint from photos, on location, from an idea you have, or from a combination of things.  Pricing is based on the size of the canvas and complexity of the project.  Below you will find examples of Steve's work and pricing information.  

Commission Painting Project Example

The client asked for a painting of the view looking from their cottage where they have many family memories.  Steve came on site to complete 3 field studies from life.  This one is 11" x 14" and features the client's favorite chairs.

Each painting is a different composition of a similar scene.  This painting features the dock and the dappled light on the gravel road and the lakefront view.

This one features the hillside leading to the lake, trees, lake and a speedboat plus a different color scheme.  Once the three studies were complete, Steve was able to meet with the family to see what appealed to them the most.

The Completed Work

The finished work is a larger "studio painting" and combines several elements from the 3 field studies.  The lawn chairs, the fire pit, the dock and the speedboat plus the sweeping view down the hill to the lake all appealed to the family and were incorporated into this finished painting.  Notice the vibrant colors that are possible in a studio painting through the use of glazes and layers.  This produces a wonderful vibrancy and luminosity that will be treasured for years to come!

Oil on Canvas - 24" x 48"

◆    ◆    ◆

Paintings from Photos

Steve will often start a painting en plein air, meaning painting outside from life, then refine the work back in the studio from photos.   Here we have a variety of examples.  



Photo                                                                                                     Painting      

Photo                                                                                                    Painting

Pricing Information

Pricing is based on several factors, most importantly the size of the painting but also the complexity of the work and how soon you need it.   To the right is pricing for typical painting sizes.  Prices do not include frame.  Taxes and shipping are extra.  Payment is 50% down and 50% upon completion.

Canvas Size (unframed):

12 x 16...$750

16 x 20...$1,200

18 x 24...$1,500

24 x 30...$2,000

30 x 40...$2,500

36 x 48...$3,400

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