Indiana Painter, Steve Haigh

Gallery Representation:

ArtSplash Gallery 
111 W Main St, Carmel, IN  
(317) 564-4834

Client Testimonials
"I am so excited about this painting... We have a home in far northeastern Oklahoma, this painting reminds of watching the sunrise from our deck. I also write short stories and this hauntingly beautiful scene has inspired a short story I am developing...Thank you for painting this lovely picture, I do look forward to receiving it!" Robyn

"Your painting makes me feel an appreciation for the country again and gratitude for the life I now have."    Joey - Missouri

"The difference between a pretty picture and art is that art makes you feel something or remember something...your work evokes memories and even emotions"     Jack - State Senator, Florida

"We bought our first one and my wife made me go back and get a second one. We love both of them".     Jim Fountain - Carmel, Indiana

"Unbelievably beautiful; so well done. Touches my heart. So pleased. Thank you."

"..a beautiful piece- extremely happy all around!"  

Awards & Recognition
Carmel On Canvas Paint Out - Honorable Mention (2014)

TC Steele Paint Out - People's Choice Award (2014)

Hamilton County Artist Association - Juried Artist (2014)

Indianapolis Art Center Student Show Award for Oil Painting & Framing (yes, I still take classes!) 2013

Indianapolis Art Center Student Show Merit Award for Figure Drawing 2013

Ottawa Hills High School Art Award at Graduation 

Plein air painting is one of Steve's favorite pastimes.    
"I have given ability to all the skilled workers to make everything I have commanded you..."   -- Exodus 31:5. 
In   Indiana painter, Steve Haigh was born and raised in Toledo, OH,where from a very young age his love for the outdoors was ignited.  As ayoung boy, Steve was always outside exploring the woods and meadows behind hishouse.  For as long as he can remember, he has been creating with hishands and excelling at art.  So much so that he was honored as the topartist at his high school graduation. 
Now as passionate outdoorsman and artist, you're just as likely tofind Steve with a fly rod in hand as you are a paintbrush, chasing trout, bass,and beautiful scenery around Indiana or as far away as Montana.  Hisinspiration and passion for painting comes from his lifelong experiences in theoutdoors, his family, and his faith.   " I feel God's pleasure when Ipaint," says Steve.  Steve donates his profits to charities such asWorld Vision and Building Tomorrow.

Steve spends many of his weekends painting "en pleinair", meaning outdoors from life.  "I try to get as much done asfast as possible outside to capture true colors and the quickly changinglight.  Using reference photos, I refine back at the studio," saysSteve, "To capture the true essence of a scene".  As a juried member of the Hamilton County Artists Association and a member ofIndiana Plein Air Painters Association, Steve has won many awards for his worksuch as Honorable Mention at the  Carmel On Canvas Plein Air Event,the People's Choice Award at the TC Steele Plein Air Event, and the FigureDrawing Merit Award at the Indianapolis Art Center, to name a few. 

Steve's paintings can be found in private collections throughoutthe United States. 

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Steve donates the profits from his artwork sales to these charities:
World Vision - http://www.worldvision.org/
Building Tomorrow http://www.buildingtomorrow.org
 Young Life - http://www.younglife.org/us
A nice one on Depuy's Spring Creek
In my studio
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